Changing the way we park.

We Help Saving Time

When looking for a car parking space, we spend in average 20 minutes circling around.

We Improve Air Quality

Looking for a car parking space is estimated to increase CO2 emissions by 10%.

We Reduce City Traffic

Traffic in our cities is 30% more just because of cars in search of a parking space.

We Match Cars To Spaces

There are 2 parking spaces available for every 1 passenger car in Europe. We tell you where.

Here’s How We Are Going To Change Car Parking.

Drivers are the ones who most feel the pain caused by the inefficiency of car parking. We want to build a solution that accompanies them throughout their journey.

Not All Car Parking Spaces Are Created Equal

Some are free, some paid, some on the side of the street, some in parking garages, some have restricted access, some are accessible around the clock.

We put car drivers in charge of choosing the car parking option that best suits their needs, nearby where they are going. Even before leaving for their destination.

Go Straight Where You Will Park

Circling around to find an available car parking space is one of the most unnerving experiences. It keeps us from work and free time, friends and family.

We give drivers updated information about where it is more likely to find an available parking spot. And we let them reserve it, whenever possible.

Experience Designed Around You

Parking your car is not only about payment, or finding a suitable spot, or updating the parking remotely. It is a journey to a destination and all pieces need to come together to make it successful.

We are with car drivers on the front seat to help make this journey a positive experience for them and a sustainable activity for the cities they live in.

Our Services

For Car Parking Owners

List your car parking space when your are not using it and earn extra money when a driver reserves it.

For Drivers

Reserve a car parking space before you leave and stop worrying about where to park.

Payments & Access

Pay your parking with Spottery. We notify you when the time is up. Extend your time freely. Access the garage of your choice through barriers and gates.

Find & Reserve

Find available parking near your destination. We guide you there. Want to reserve that space? You can do it too.


Pay your parking with Magee. When its time to start the car again, Magee will stop the parking automatically for you.

Parking Disk

Use Magee as an electronic parking disk. Magee will automatically update your parking start time every time you stop.

What’s New At Witrafi

We’re Finalist in the ALD Startup Challenge!

ALD Startup Challenge was launched by ALD Automotive in March 2017 to scout for innovative ideas on the theme of car parking experience. It has now reached its final stage, and Witrafi is in! We'll be in Paris with four other startups to pitch our parking solution....

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Open Position: Java Developer (Helsinki)

We now have a new open position to fill. We are looking to beef up our team in Helsinki (Finland) with a Full Stack Java Developer. If working for a startup that solves complex problems for many users is motivating to you, read on and find out what it takes to land...

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Witrafi update.. and something new.

Things are moving fast at Witrafi and quite many things have happened this quarter. Time to take a deep breath, sit down and look at what we have done. Rent-a-Park, Magee, a new office and.. something that's coming soon. Read on. Start-up life! You might love it or...

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