Arctic Startup has revealed on Tuesday the names of the Top30 Nordic & Baltic Startups for 2017, and Witrafi is in! Now looking forward to the next stage, to get to the Arctic15 Microsoft Pitching competition. Read on and vote!

Life for a startup can be tough at times. For example, you get back to work after a long weekend, grateful that you finally got a couple of free days for real this time, and you find that somebody broke into your office and stole good part of the equipment.

Yet this is exactly the reason why you are thankful when you receive praise and recognition. Particularly when it comes from an organisation like Arctic Startup.

From one of the few computers left, we are today proud to announce that we made it to the Top30 Nordic & Baltic Startups for 2017. In the announcement, the guys from Arctic Startup say that the top ideas have been selected on the basis of few criteria. They solve real problems, look to the future, have traction and the potential to make a difference. We have talked just recently about what we have in mind to change the way we park, and we are incredibly happy the potential of our ideas is getting recognition.

For those who are not from the Nordics, Arctic Startup is a company that helps startups in different ways, from consulting to public and media relations. They have been with startups in the region since 2007. They organise Arctic15, a startup business event which gathers around 2,000 attendees every year. Mainly startups, investors and corporates that want to connect.

Arctic15 2017 will be held in Helsinki (Finland), from May 3rd to May 5th. During the event, the Top15 Nordic & Baltic Startups will take part in the Microsoft Pitching Competition. In the past, startups like Pipedrive, Kiosked, Smarp and Transfluent have had the opportunity to take the stage and present their ideas there.

We’d be honoured to get our chance, and we also need your help. Voting for the Top15 is now open.

Arctic Startup – Vote To Get Witrafi To Arctic15

If you read our blog and the way we approach car parking resonates with you, it’d be great if you could take two minutes to vote for us and improve our chances to get to the Microsoft Pitching Competition.

To cast your vote, just head over to Arctic Startup form and fill in the two required fields: the name of the company you want to vote for, and your e-mail address (see the GIF above). Here is the full link to vote:

We’ll keep you posted on the results, and in the meantime thanks to all of you who will help.

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