From goldsmithing to sales to Witrafi. In this week’s blogpost we talk to Jenni, who is doing an internship at Witrafi to complete her studies. Read on to know more about her experience.

We are always happy to have people do internship at Witrafi, as they usually bring fresh air and new perspectives to the team. This is why when Jenni approached us at the beginning of the year, we welcomed her. She has now been with us for a month and a half, and she is up to great things!

A Variegated Background

Jenni is studying for her bachelor’s degree in professional sales at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. But her career has a totally different starting point, and her story is fascinating.

“I studied goldsmithing in Lahti (Finland) and officially became a goldsmith artisan at the end of 2007. I then started working in Helsinki, and by chance ended up mostly doing technical wholesale business.”

After an initial period in technical sales in one of the branch offices of the organisation, she went on to be in charge of procurement for customer’s specific MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) products.

That’s when her passion for sales started. Her study programme is now focused on B2B sales, and she is developing communication and collaboration skills for her future career. “After my graduation, I’d like to continue in sales-oriented positions, where I can interact with people on a daily basis”.

Jenni says she is particularly interested in customer service and how to adapt to different kind of customers and their needs. That’s also the reason why she is interested in social media as a way to know customers better.

Her Internship At Witrafi

Jenni has joined Witrafi at the end of March, and will be with us until mid-May. “I got interested in the company as I wanted to experience the start-up culture. I believe start-ups have positive and energetic vibe in doing business, and I always found it very intriguing.”

In the past month, she had the chance to practice skills learned at Haaga-Helia. “I am currently attending a course about CRM-systems. It is great that during my internship at Witrafi I get to use HubSpot CRM every day to track movements in the sales pipeline. I am also involved in the use social media marketing, for example with Facebook ads. It’s interesting to see how granular you can go in tracking the results of a campaign, and how much you can learn to improve your process”.

We wanted Jenni to have a first row experience, and that made her internship at Witrafi more rewarding. “I have enjoyed my time with Witrafi very much. I’ve worked with both Marketing and Sales, and I could share my ideas and opinions freely, while making an impact. I liked the relaxed and positive atmosphere”.

For what concerns the parking industry, Jenni believes the future is bright. “It has lot of potential, and I think Witrafi is on the move at the right time. Digitalisation will definitely create solutions and value for motorists, and this will improve the experience for drivers all over the World.”

Join Us To Change The Way We Park

If you are also interested in completing an internship at Witrafi, just be in touch and we’ll be happy to review your application. Also check the careers page to keep a look on the open positions, you might just be the person we are looking for!

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