A new car parking service, a restyle of the image and lot of work on the backend. Read on to find out more.

It’s been quite some time since our last entry, and silence is (almost) never good for a company. The past few months have been hectic as we’ve been actively working on three main areas.

First, we’ve been polishing our backend, the backbone of our services. The system that manages users’ registration and profile, that handles the payment cycles and that collects data about where drivers park their cars.

Data collection and analysis is something we are particularly committed to, as we believe it’s the key to delivering a true smart car parking service for drivers. We know we can tell people where they can find available parking spots, and we want to guide them towards areas of the city where it’s more likely they won’t find too much parking clutter.

We are very satisfied with how this crucial part of the service is coming along, and we’ll share more information soon about this. The first product that will be massively using our backend is just around the corner.

Second, we’ve been putting together a service that we believe will completely change the way people in Finland (and elsewhere) thinks about car parking.

We know for a fact that one of the key problems with car parking is that available spaces are simply not always accessible when they are needed. This forces the driver to circle around and waste her precious time, no matter if there’s a hidden empty spot just around the corner.

The service is very close to launch, and we are really thrilled about it. Stay tuned for more info throughout Spring (and let’s hope it’s going to be a sunny one!).

Last, we’ve been reviewing and restyling our image, our website and the way we communicate. Those things you might not necessarily notice when they are done well, but that gives you pain when they are wrong.

While we were emotionally attached to the previous iteration of the Witrafi brand, we started feeling it was no longer in line with our strategy and with what (and how) we want to communicate.

To really change the way we park we believe we need to talk to the final users: the drivers of the World. Only by interacting directly with them, virtually sitting close to them in their parking journey and deeply understanding their pain points, we can be effective.

We are happy with how Witrafi looks and feels now. And since we want to open the gates and talk to you all, we’d be even happier if you’d want to drop us a line to let us know what you think about the new image. That would make our day!

Lots of things going on, and we are just getting started. We can’t wait to share a lot more with you and to continue developing our services and company to make parking a positive experience for all car drivers and a sustainable activity for the cities we all live in.

The new Witrafi logo and the main promotional image

If you want to share with us your thoughts about the new Witrafi image, or about parking in general, feel free to be in touch. We are always happy to hear from you!

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