We are at the same time excited and proud to unveil Rent-a-Park, a service that lets you list your parking space for rent when you don’t use it. The service is now in pre-launch phase and first parking spaces are being listed. Read on to find out how it works and why it’s needed.

A couple of months ago we have given an update on what we’ve been up to since the beginning of the year. We mentioned we have been feverishly working on a new service that will change the way people in Finland (and elsewhere) think about car parking. In another blogpost we’ve made the case for a solution to the underutilisation of car parking spaces, most of which are empty for the biggest part of the day.

We are today unveiling what this service is and how it will address such situation. We are excited and proud to introduce you to Rent-a-Park, a car parking marketplace where you can list your parking space for rent, and drivers can reserve it when they need it. Everybody can access and preview the service (in pre-launch now) at rentapark.fi.

Where are the parking spaces?

Rent-a-Park is based on a very simple idea. Most of the car parking spaces are available for long portions of the day. And at the same time, drivers are looking for parking spaces close by, increasing the traffic level of our cities as well as pollution.

What if we could make it possible to find and reserve such car parking spaces? What if we could match the supply and demand of parking spaces even for terms as short as one hour?

List Your Available Parking Space For Rent

Enter Rent-a-Park! Say you own the car parking space you park your car in during the night. But during the day, when you drive to work, it is available. With Rent-a-Park you can list your parking space for rent when it’s empty. For example from 8 to 16, from Monday to Friday. Drivers can then find it and reserve it by the hour, according to their needs. You make some extra money and they save precious time. Without considering the additional benefits for the city and the community.

A similar logic applies to businesses, that often own a bunch of parking spaces for their customers or employees. These are often empty, for example out of office or opening hours, or when employees are on a leave. If you own a business and are familiar with this situations, you can list your business’ parking space for rent and have a positive impact on the community.

What does pre-launch mean?

We have opened access to Rent-a-Park and we call this phase pre-launch.

This means that you can access the service and list your parking space for rent. At the same time, drivers can search for parking spaces and reserve them. All the main features are available to users in Finland. We are just refraining from promoting Rent-a-Park heavily (for the moment).

We are monitoring how people use the service and we look forward to getting feedback to improve it over time. Well aware that this is just a first step, we have great ideas to expand Rent-a-Park, both in Finland and abroad. Baby steps, nonetheless, and in pre-launch phase we most of all want to hear from you and get to know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you think we should focus on to make the service more useful.

As a thank you for all people that will trust us from the beginning, we will give your parking space maximum visibility if you list it in the pre-launch phase. In practice, we will have it displayed in the first results for searches in the area, we will have it in our periodic newsletter and, most of all, we will promote it through digital channels such as Google search. If this is of interest to you, just head on to rentapark.fi and list your parking space for rent. We will take care of the rest!

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