We are happy to announce that we have recently finalised two very important hires for Witrafi. From the beginning of November, Kari Penttilä and Fabrizio Trotti have joined the team, respectively as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

Kari joins Witrafi with his deep knowledge of embedded software and consumer technology. He has worked for organisations such as AVG, F-Secure and Blyk, helping them build top of the market solutions for their customers. He is a born and bred Finn, and he has been travelling the World and lived in different countries. His multicultural experience will be of great help in organising technological development of Witrafi’s products.

Fabrizio has been living in Finland since 2011, and is probably the most atypical Italian you might ever meet (he loves Finland and drinks Finnish coffee gladly, and that pretty much says it all!). He is passionate about customer-centered marketing and effective communication. After the first half of his career in Italy focusing on digitalisation for local companies, he has been recently engaged with Supercell and Yousician, helping them build customer relationships programmes.

“The recruitment process was quite long, and we examined many candidates in the different recruitment phases.” says Sampsa Siitonen, Witrafi’s CEO. “Few made it on our short list, and we could sadly only choose one of each for CTO and CMO. The rest of our team and I are very happy with the choices as they have demonstrated a great fit to our company culture thus far: we feel that these two awesome people will greatly enhance our capabilities and capacity to execute our plans as we strive for growth. I personally look forward to collaborating with these two extremely talented professionals, and I hope I can learn something new from them every day!”

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