As we move fast towards the launch of our car parking services, we now have two open positions in Helsinki. The focus is on team management and mobile skills.

Last week we’ve talked about what we’ve been up to in the recent months. You might have noticed we’ve been essentially preparing the ground for the launch of our car parking services. We promise, you will hear more about those in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, we are happy to share we now have two open positions in Helsinki we look to fill as soon as we find the right candidate. 2017 is going to be a crazy year for us and for the car parking industry in general. We want to make our team even more rounded and strong, with a particular emphasis on mobile development.

First, we are hiring a Tech Lead. Kari has been slowly transitioning to an advisor capacity in the past few months, his input and help have been terrific so far. We now want to add to the mix a professional who can set the pace for our Tech Team, while at the same time work with us to bring the vision and the mission of the company forward. You can find full job description in this PDF.

We are also on the hunt for one to three Mobile Developers, both iOS and Android (and cross-platform, in case you are one of those mythical creatures!) . Those positions are going to fill a gap in our Tech Team, and they will put their experiences in mobile development to great use in making parking a positive experience for the drivers of the World and a sustainable activity for the cities we leave in. Find the full job description in this PDF.

Later in the year we also plan to hire marketing professionals, data analysts and other tech roles. Be sure to keep an eye on our career page to always be informed on the current open positions in Helsinki. And if you feel what Witrafi is doing strongly resonates with you, feel free to submit an open application by sending your cover letter and CV to (remember to mention what you’d like to do).

You might be the one we are looking for, or you might just know the right person for the job. In any case, spread the word. We are hiring!

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