Things are moving fast at Witrafi and quite many things have happened this quarter. Time to take a deep breath, sit down and look at what we have done. Rent-a-Park, Magee, a new office and.. something that’s coming soon. Read on.

Start-up life! You might love it or hate it, but it’s certainly far from being uneventful. It’s been only two months since we’ve rebooted the Witrafi blog, and yet so much has happened it feels like years. Let’s look at what we’ve been up to.

New office

Remember when we said couple of weeks ago that we were in the process of moving to beautiful Lauttasaari in Helsinki? Well the moving happened, but not to beautiful Lauttasaari. Witrafi is now in Ruoholahti, sharing the amazing space at Techcode with other startups. Wonderful view from the fifth floor in Porkkalankatu 20, and much more space for our projects and ideas!


A bit more than one month ago, we soft-launched Rent-a-Park. It is Witrafi’s solution to unlock parking spots and let drivers reserve them. We are gradually scaling marketing and communications efforts, and in the meantime the first adopters are flowing in. We are very happy and thankful to already have interested and passionate users making deals on the platform.

And about Rent-a-Park, we were pleasantly surprised and greatly honoured to be featured on Helsingin Sanomat Metro. You can read the full article (in Finnish) here.


What is Magee? Magee is a personal parking device that helps you pay for parking quickly and easily from the comfort of your car. Magee also works as a parking disc that updates and displays your parking time automatically whenever you park.

It is the result of the collaboration between Witrafi and our partner and early stage investor Laatukilpi, a well known Finnish company that provides traffic guidance and parking solutions. We presented it together during last week’s Finnish Parking Enforcers Day in Jyväskylä.

The device has been completely designed by Witrafi and it will be distributed in the Finnish market by Latuukilpi. It is a great way for people who don’t have a smartphone or cannot use it during their daily activities to have a cashless parking payment system. You will find out more about it on Laatukilpi‘s website very soon!

Trivia – In case you are wondering, Magee takes its name from Carl Magee, American lawyer who patented the first parking meter which was installed for use in 1935.

One more thing ..

We’ve been talking quite a lot lately about how Witrafi wants to change the way we park. How it’s important to address the pain points of the drivers in the different stages of their journeys, so that they can focus on what’s next in their days.

We have a small preview for you, just a marketing image on something that we are working on. Coming soon on our screens.

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