Doan Minh Hieu is a third year Business Information Technology student at Lahti UAS. He’s also currently working at Witrafi as a front-end developer. He heard about the place from a friend who thought that he would be a perfect fit for the company. After his 20-week long internship, he was kept in the company as a part of the official staff.

– The most interesting thing about my job is the freedom of creativity. Since the company is a start-up, there are basically no major restrictions and all the new ideas are welcomed, Doan Minh Hieu says.

Witrafi – innovative parking company

Witrafi is a Finnish company, providing parking services for parking operators. Company’s CEO Sampsa Siitonen describes their product as an advanced parking permit system, where users can be tracked, occupancy information of car parks can be communicated in real time to apps and outdoor signage, and online card payments are made easy with their platform.

– In this way the driver is in better control of their access privileges to car parks and can be directed to a free space efficiently. The operator gains better insight into their users and efficient flow of traffic in their facilities, Siitonen says.

So far Witrafi has had two interns from Lahti UAS, who have got in contact with the company by themselves. Right now the company doesn’t have any other ties to the university, but it might be an option in the future.

– The interns have been of high quality, so I wouldn’t see a problem in working with Lahti UAS. We have given ideas for several school projects to other universities, but we could also give some to Lahti UAS.

International employees contribute to a rich working environment

Currently there are 10 employees from different backgrounds working for Witrafi. Siitonen says, that the international employees make the whole working environment richer. If you want to become more international, the best way to start is to hire some international talent.

– The cultures that everyone comes from are interesting and they spark conversation. I think it’s important to us that we have an international environment, as it has the potential to create more discussion and bring up different points of view. Foreigners give a better value for money in many cases. It would be difficult for us to have the skills in this firm that we have now, if we didn’t have our foreign employees, Siitonen tells.

Doan Minh Hieu says that he loves working for an international company. The main reasons for that are the use of English as a main working language and learning about new cultures through co-workers.

– My Finnish is still only somewhere between basic and survival level, since the main language at work is English. That’s actually my second most efficient work language after my mother tongue, Doan Minh Hieu says.

International working environment can bring some challenges, too. Siitonen tells that sometimes it might be difficult to understand some cultural issues. That’s why it’s important to know at least few cultural aspects from the given employee.

Future of Witrafi

Siitonen says that Witrafi plans to grow their revenues next year and continue the development. They will try to get investments and grow their research & development operation with them, as well as do their first international projects. They will broaden the spectrum of services and application offers towards more parking features, but also some other intelligent control systems.

Witrafi is also planning to provide their services to Scandinavia and Middle East.

Originally appeared on 4.11.2015 in:

Written by Tytti Myöhänen

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